Opening time

The termal park is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm., except for eventual reasons of force majeur due to adverse climatic events or to safeguard the security of the customer.
Every evening the bathing will have to end 30 minutes before closing time, to assure enough time for clients to get changed and leave.
Closing time refers to a complete closing of the gates of the termal park.
No one is authorised to enter the swimming pool when the gates are closed.

Termal park entrance

Entering ticket gives access to all the play and service equipment, other than those that require exceptional payment, such as the restaurant and booking of sun umbrellas.
The tickets aren’t refundable; there will be no exceptions made.
The ticket must be brought along for the whole day in order to be checked any time by security staff, otherwise whoever fails to show the ticket will have to leave the park.
Several entrances pass must be entirely paid off in advance at the moment of payment.


It is forbidden to bring chairs and sunbeds near the pool.
All the children younger than 14 years old must be constantly supervised by an adult.
It is strictly forbidden to get inside the water fully dressed. Wetsuits and technical clothing are allowed.
It is permitted to get inside the pool only by designated ladder or by sliding inside from the edge.
It is forbidden to jump into the pool, push other people inside and run around it.
It is forbidden to use any kind of radio, iPod or similar electronic devices without proper headphones on and there
is an obligation to use an appropriate volume in order to not disturb other customers.
It is forbidden to use any kind of soap or shampoo in the showers that are placed near the pool.
Any kind of inflatable objects, mattresses or rafts are forbidden inside the pool.
During windy days, in order to preserve customers’ safety, all the sun umbrellas must remain closed.
It is strictly forbidden to bring any type of glass containers inside the park.
For safety reasons it is not allowed to lay towels, blankets or mats on the poolside.
Access to the engine room or any other technical compartments is strictly forbidden.

Hygiene rules

It is mandatory to take a shower and go through feet washing tank before getting inside the pool.
It is forbidden to get into the pool to people who appear to have open wounds, bandages, abrasions, injuries or
skin alterations that appear to be infective (warts, dermatitis, fungi, etc). In such a case the access to the pool
will be denied by security staff.
All the babies are obliged to be wearing diapers, in order to avoid unpleasant “accidents”.
Pets and other animals are not allowed inside the park, with the exception made for service dogs for disabled.

Rules of good behavior

All customers are obliged to respect given rules and staff statements.
Pool access implies full knowledge and acceptance of given rules.
In case of even minor sickness it is mandatory to suspend the bathing or sunbathing activity and immediately inform staff members.
After an extended exposure to sun it is necessary to enter the water gradually, in order to avoid a thermal shock. It is strongly discouraged, particularly for minors and weaker people, an extended exposure to sun, especially during the hottest hours.
No one should behave in such a manner that puts in danger themselves or other customers. This kind of behavior, including inappropriate language, will lead to expulsion from the park.
Use all the equipment inside the park with respect.
Observe thoroughly the rules given by the staff and follow the regulation displayed inside the park.


Administration declines any kind of responsibility on accidents or personal damage caused by imprudence or by non compliance with the given rules.
Administration is not responsible for theft or loss of objects left unattended inside the park.
Operating personnel is authorised to intervene in any situation to demand compliance with required behavior rules.